Make Money Selling Avon

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Make money selling Avon. When you become an Avon Representative There are three ways to earn money.  1. Selling Avon products and earning commission from your sales. 2. Selling Avon online through your personal website, and finally Helping other to sign up and sell Avon online.

How much do you make selling Avon, see the chart below.

Click here to become an Avon Representative- use reference code: DebHunter

How much do you make Selling Avon products?

How much money do you make selling Avon Products? With Avon’s kickstart program you can make $1,000 in 90 days. After your first 90 days you will earn up to 50% commission based on order size.  You will earn 20% on fixed items, those that have the 4 diamonds in the descriptions.

*Earnings Chart

Order Size Earnings
$0 – $49.99 0%
$50 – $149.99 20%
$150 – $294.99 30%
$295 – $439.99 35%
$440 – $924.99 40%
$925 – $1,574.99 45%
$1,575 + 50%

*Note that in Campaign 9 this chart will change and commission will no longer be based on order size.

How much money do you make Selling Avon online?

If you want to become an Avon representative and  sell Avon online, you would do the same as you would a traditional representative in following their steps. It is your business, and you work it your way. Whether you want to do traditional sales, (door to door) or Sell Avon online only, or a combo both. It is all up to you.  This is the beauty of the business!! You have the freedom to work it your way on your time, and however you want to work it.

With direct delivery (orders that are shipped directly to your customers home) you earn 20% commission on your website orders. With Presidents recognition members, you will earn 25% on orders through your personal website.


Ready to start selling Avon? Make money selling Avon.

Ready to start selling Avon?  Signing up to sell Avon is as easy as ABC!!

A. go to www.

B. Enter reference code: DebHunter

C. You will be assigned an account number and have access to your new Avon representative account.

When you sign up to become an Avon Representative, I will email you with more information, including, updates to campaigns, and team recognition and trainings.


Click here to become an Avon Representative – Use Reference code: DebHunter


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I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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Become An Avon Representative

Click to become an Avon Representative.

1. go to 2. Enter Reference code: DebHunter 3. fill out short enrollment form, choose your starter kit. You are now an Avon Representative!.
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