How Much does it cost to sell Avon


How Much Does It Cost To Sell Avon?


How much does it cost to sell Avon? The cost to start selling Avon is Just $25 at the minimum. Depending on which kit you choose when you enroll as an Avon Representative either advanced kit or premium kit then the cost is more. See pic below.

All of these kits also comes with Free shipping! So you do not have to incur the price of shipping when you order. Which means a lot I think when you are starting out.

The Process of signing up to sell Avon is done completely online now. After you have finished completing your enrollment form and sent it in to Avon, and have been appointed you will receive your starter kit in the mail delivered directly to your home within 3-5 business days.

Here is a look at each of the starter kits.

Click here to Become an Avon Representative – Use Reference code: DebHunter


How Much does it costs to start selling Avon? How much does it cost to sell Avon?

After you have paid the initial starter fee and received your kit in the mail, there are some extra costs that should be considered and I will attempt to explain them here.

  1. Avon Brochures: You will be responsible for ordering your own Avon Brochures. The Avon Catalogs come in a pack of 10 starting at the price of $6.50 So upon ordering your next Avon catalogs, you will need to put the number 1 for 10 and 2 for 20 and so on. If you put in the number 10 you will get 100 brochures.
  2. Shipping and handling: There is a shipping fee for each order you put in this is called the one simple fee! It starts at $6 for each order you place. It helps to cover the cost of your free website, and shipping and handling of your orders. You can recover this cost by charging your customers the 0.75 Cents processing fee.
  3. Samples and other sales tools like bags with Avon logo are optional, but if you would like to use these they also come with a small price. Some samples come with a 10 for $1 and the bags are as low as 0.95 cents.

Join Avon Today- Become an Avon Representative

Join Avon Today- enrolling in Avon is easy as 1-2-3 follow the steps below to become an Avon Representative,

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Reference code: DebHunter
  3. You will then be assigned an account number and have access to your new Free Avon website.

Once you have been appointed and become a member of my team, You will start to get important emails such as campaign updates, training, and other important campaign news.

Click her to become an Avon Representative- use reference code: DebHunter

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I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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Click to become an Avon Representative.

1. go to 2. Enter Reference code: DebHunter 3. fill out short enrollment form, choose your starter kit. You are now an Avon Representative!.
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